Wednesday, August 31, 2011

62/365: Rule Breaker

62/365: Rule Breaker, originally uploaded by riekhavoc.
So I decided this this should be my photo of the day for a couple reasons. First, because the shot reminds me of shots of Sid Vicious from the 80s, which is the look I was going for. And I actually took it yesterday (I know, gasp) thus breaking the rule of the 365 project. But it's OK, because the subject is quite a rule breaker! Finally, the photo itself breaks editing rules. There's so much of it that's pure black without detail. But the effect works, I think. So there we go... my rule breaker photo of the day.

I'm going to also use this for my "Get Pushed" challenge from eLo to take a black and white portrait. I did that yesterday with a self portrait, but I really wanted to do one of someone other than myself. I'm glad I did that. You can read about my thoughts on b&w portraiture in my last submission here.

This was my backup options, also shot last night:

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