Tuesday, August 30, 2011

61/365: Who's there?

61/365: Who's there?, originally uploaded by riekhavoc.

My challenge for this round of "get pushed" came from my 365 flickr contact eLo. Here is her challenge to me: "After some thoughts, what I noticed wasn't so represented in your shots was... people! So for this round I would like to challenge you to a portrait shot, preferably head and shoulders, and B&W."

I've always wanted to do a low-key self portrait. I've done a high-key one that I've gone back and edited over and over again (I'm still not happy with it). Tonight, I decided to try my hand at a low-key shot. This one is actually an accident! I was lowering myself onto the couch when the shutter snapped, and I caught this much more natural expression. It sort of looks like I'm getting up to see what's going on "over there". Funny because the only reason I had time to take this shot is that Max is out with a friend for her birthday, so I am home alone.

I'd love some feedback on this shot, since I've never tried this before.

Elodie, I hope you like it! I'm hoping to do one not of me in the future, before this longer round is up... but for now, here's this one!

Funny note - I'm not wearing pants in this photo! :)

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