Friday, August 19, 2011

50/365: Non-primary colors

50/365: Non-primary colors, originally uploaded by riekhavoc.
This was a really interesting round of getting pushed for me. My challenge, from Edita/gjakovaime was as follows:

Take an image you have previously done and make it better. Correct the light, focus, composition, whatever it may be. Also, no cropping should be allowed. Then post the first version of that image in the comments section, as well. This should show how much you have grown as a photographer from the time you initially created that image.

I already picked a few that I thought would be good candidates - rated most favorite to least (but really it's up to you to pick the image)
Option 1 (I picked this one)
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4

So I broke the challenge a bit, in the no cropping part. There is not a way to really get this shot without cropping. I mean, I guess you could do it, but tilting the camera at the exact angle the photo was shot at is too complicated! Plus, I like the square orientation for this shot, with the champagne glasses.

However, I learned a ton. First off, the last time I did this shot, I used the same lighting set-up (off-camera flash to the left, bare bulb w/ same white balance to the right). But my flaw last time was that I had the flash up to high, so I ended up with a burned out left side and a too-dark right side. No amount of editing could fix this last time. This time, I turned the flash down and used a slower shutter speed to compensate, and it worked!

Another thing that went different this time: I have better editing software. I bought Lightroom in December, and had been using Aperture before. Really, LR is just a better program for editing photos, with a lot more precise control.

Also, I took my time with set-up this time. Last time, I was hurried and kept knocking the glasses over.

Finally, I learned that Max isn't allowed to was wine glasses anymore. We had to use champagne glasses this time because Max keeps breaking the wine glasses, and I didn't have three matching ones.

Click the image below to see the set-up shot. This time's set up was exactly the same as last time, I just tilted it differently.

Thanks Edita! I hope this was what you were hoping for.

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