Thursday, June 30, 2011

Orent comes today!

Hey everybody! Have you heard? Orent the little 8-week-old yellow lab puppy comes TOMORROW! Tonight, Max and I are driving up to Long Island to pick him up from Canine Companions for Independence. We'll raise him for 14-16 months, and then send him along for more training on how to be the best service dog he can be.

We've been getting ready for weeks. As you can see, Orent's lil friend Giraffe can't wait for him to show up.

Orent's new friend Giraffe

We stretched the gate...

The gate has been stretched

and locked it...

...and latched

across our very, very steep stairs that the puppy is not allowed to go up. That's Robot's area.

...across the very steep stairs

We laid out the funny green brush...

The alien brush is ready

and the collar and leash (and biodegradable poop bags). The nametag, however, got lost in the shuffle.

The collar is spiffy

And how does Robot the cat feel about this whole adventure?

Well, she loves to scratch her face on the gate.

And how's Robot feel about the whole thing?

and she adores her perch from above, where she can watch us but the puppy can't come get her.

She enjoys her perch to watch over everything

My guess? She's a bit freaked out

But, she's a bit freaked out about a new dog

...and maybe even worried.

Maybe even a little worried...

But at the end of the day, she'll make a great guard cat to keep our puppy safe!

That's OK. She can sleep on the crate for now.

Tomorrow - photos of Orent for my first day of the new 365 project! Check back then!

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