Friday, June 24, 2011

June's free wallpaper is here!

Well, it's almost the end of June. Guess that means it's time for another one of my fancy free wallpapers for your laptop or iPhone or computer (or iPad or netbook or real book, theoretically).

Click here to download the one that's right for you. And the one from May is still up! So if you missed out last month, you can still get that one, too.

Here's what I wrote about the inspiration for this background:

You know the song, "Taking it to the Streets"? I love that song. Because to me, getting people out on the street demanding justice is what it will take to really improve people's lives. So, this month's background is the street - literally. It's one of my favorite photographs, and I've really enjoyed having it on my iPhone for a few months as the background. Its a constant reminder that getting out on the street isn't just an option - it's one of the best tools we have to make our lives better. I hope you'll find the same inspiration. See you on the streets!

In other news... I'm going to restart my 365 project. I'm probably going to do mostly iPhone photos, and do my best to edit them in my phone (unless the photo needs more salvaging than a simple iPhone App can handle). I've been impressed with the quality of the photos it takes (see examples here and here).

So, starting July 1st (when our new puppy comes!), I'll be posting a photo a day. Exciting, isn't it?

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