Sunday, March 27, 2011

A week late

...and still short?

Took these photos last weekend when it was 75 degrees out and perfect for a walk to dinner at this amazing new Lebanese restaurant in Philly. Check it out if you're in Philly ever - cheap as can be, and some of the best food I've ever had. Hmm... maybe I'll go there for lunch today.

Antiqued Philly

That street again

Also last weekend, Max and I had a "date" where we made homemade pasta sauce w/ 5 whole lbs of pork (Grandma's recipe), and homemade pasta using the pasta maker I grew up with. Very fun. Here's 4 shots of the pasta being made. Click on 'em to see 'em bigger:


Out to dry Angel Hair

I owe a lot more photos in the future. I took some on my cell phone this weekend that hopefully I'll get around to editing and posting.

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  1. i was wondering what happened to that pasta maker! i'll have to borrow it if i'm ever back in the states long enough