Friday, January 7, 2011


I've been home for over a day now, and have spent many hours sorting through my thousands of photos from the trip. It was an amazing adventure. Rather than recapping all of the adventures here, you can read about them in the descriptions of each of my photos.

Max and I got them down to the 62 best-of-the-best, for those of you with not much time. Click the photo below to check them out that way (A note on using flickr: when you go to the photos page, click on the first thumbnail to take you to the individual photos. Once you're there, you can cycle through the photos by clicking on the <-- and --> arrows on your keyboard).

Alternatively, you can see the best photos (about 200), and really see what our trip was like. Click this photo to go there.

When you're done looking at them, let me know what you think! Or ask me questions... like, for example, "what the hell were you thinking when..."

One last thing - if you want a recap from our trip from another perspective, here's my sister's blog about our visit!

Feliz AƱos!

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