Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 364: Oxygen

365/364: Oxygen, originally uploaded by riekhavoc.

So, on the second to last day of my 365 project, we hiked up to Lake Quilotoa. It wasn't that far of a hike, but I woke up with some wicked altitude sickness. Well, I felt very dizzy and had a splitting headache, which are signs of altitude sickness. But we'd come so far to see the lake, so I was going to make it. And boy was it gorgeous. The local legend is that it's bottomless, and you could totally believe it. Sara and Max thought I should use a more artsy photo, but this one really shows the lake in all its glory.

After we saw the lake, we caught a mini-truck to a bus to a bus to a mini-truck to another bus to Banos. Banos is a tourist town, but what's amazing about it is that all different types of tourists come here! So you have Ecua tourists, and American tourists, and lots of French tourists. It's also in the valley between a number of mountains and one volcano that just erupted like three weeks ago. Thankfully, everyone was safe and the town is back up and running.

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