Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 187: One Hundred and TWO!

365/187: One Hundred and TWO!, originally uploaded by riekhavoc.

Oh man, today was hot. Record-breaking heat. Possibly the hottest I've experienced outside of SE Asia. 102 in the shade, up to fifteen degrees warmer in the sun. Damn, that's hot as hell. Literally...

So, on a day that's hotter than any day in the last FIFTEEN years, what do you photograph. Why, a fan of course! I mean, I'm haven't moved from in front of the fan (which is in front of the window air conditioner, for added oomph) all day, except when absolutely necessary.

Tomorrow, high of 100. Then things chill out to a cool and comfortable 94 degrees...


  1. haha, how's robot holding up? Seeing as she is covered in FUR and all. poor babies (you, her, and max). i am not a fan of hot weather...

  2. ....... say the kiddles from North Carolina <3