Sunday, January 15, 2012

199/365: The family

I joined back up with the Get Pushed group for round 16 (wow, where has the time gone?), and I was partnered with Ken, who gave me a truly great challenge.

He says "I then started to notice that although you take a lot of people pictures you really do not take 'portraits'. Most of your poeple pictures have busy backgrounds and are mostly snapshots in time. With that I challenege to take a portrait (of whom ever you wish) but here is the twist: I would like you to do it in the style of Yousuf Karsh the photographer of the famous and important people of his time. Here is a link to his site."

Wow! So I've never really done much with lighting and studio portraiture, and how amazing is Mr. Karsh... but I decided to tackle it head-on, and ended up with four photos (one of each of the family members) that I loved.

Parts of it were hard - figuring out the lighting, getting the animals to not look stupid - but the editing was so much fun.

I'm happy with how it worked out. Ken, hope it's what you were hoping for!


  1. you should make a campaign for president poster with orent and robot. they look so presidential in these pictures!

  2. ha! they'd probably have a better chance of winning than Newt or the Ricks!