Monday, September 12, 2011

74/365: Model day

74/365: Model day, originally uploaded by riekhavoc.

OK, corny title. Sorry ya'll. I had probably the most interesting photography gig I've ever had today. I was asked by my buddies at Philly FIGHT to come along with them while the global ambassador for Dance 4 Life, Doutzen Proes, visited a school in Philly. Dance 4 Life is a youth HIV prevention and awareness campaign, and Doutzen is a Victoria's Secret model from Holland who's taken this cause on. I have to admit I was quite nervous to photograph her, especially since she's used to really talented photographers taking her picture. It was really great though. This was taken while she walked around the neighborhood. I gave them most of my really good ones, but this one doesn't tell much of a the story so I kept it to use for my photo of the day!

I guess now I can put model photographer on my resume? The photos may end up in interesting places like the Danish press. If anyone out there sees photos of Doutzen in Philly, let me know!

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