Thursday, September 8, 2011

70/365: Out of your control

70/365: Out of your control, originally uploaded by riekhavoc.

I got the privilege of co-facilitating a workshop on direct action for a group of anti-fracking activists today. In case you're curious, fracking is described here. Basically, it's this environmentally destructive way of getting very hard to get natural gas, that destroys people's drinking water, and is highly unregulated. Activists across PA have been pushing back against this, but they've mostly only done things like petitions and marches. They are ready to move into direct action - creative protest that directly confronts a target (ideally) and puts pressure on a target outside the normal system. The workshop was a little out of control, but that's the nature of direct action - you can't control everything about it, but it's the way to win. It was a great workshop!

In that vein, I was taking a nice long-exposure shot of a fire hydrant outside my house, when my puppy wandered into the shot. Then, our friendly neighbor came by to say hi. Funny how when things get out of one's control just a little bit, they end up better in the long run.

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