Monday, August 1, 2011

32/365: Seedy

32/365: Seedy, originally uploaded by riekhavoc.

My sister and I went to the beach today, and then to Atlantic City to wander the boardwalk and buy salt water taffy. I didn't bring my SLR because I didn't want to risk it getting sandy or stolen, and my iPhone camera just couldn't handle the bright sun outside or intense light from the slot machines, so my best shot ended up being this one of the detail of the boardwalk.

I was shooting specifically for my "get pushed" challenge from Stacie was here. She challenge me to use a cross-process effect. So, here's the result. I like how the effect brings out the detail in the wood (the original shot was rather boring).

I've used a cross-process effect in the past, but always as a last resort in editing (like "hmm, maybe that will look good? nothing else has..."). So this was fun to intentionally shoot with a plan to use this look. I just wish the camera I had with me had been up to the challenge. Maybe later this week...

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