Saturday, July 23, 2011

23/365: Hot as hell

23/365: Hot as hell, originally uploaded by riekhavoc.

So I joined this great new group called "Get Pushed' where you get paired with someone and you peruse their streams and challenge them to do something they've never done before. And they send you a challenge back. Mine, courtesy of Rogey1, was to make an image that had some "serious image manipulation". I thought and thought and thought and came up with all these fun ideas, but then it was so hot and I had no energy. I decided to tackle it tonight. After venturing outside to take a shot and realizing I'd forgotten my memory card (d'oh!), I decided to go for something inside, which portrayed the stairs in the way I think Orent sees them. Meaning, slippery and the way to the hottest place every - the outside! Lots of photoshop editing later, and this is what we've got. It's not perfect, but I don't think it sucks either. And it was fun to do! That's the point, right? Thanks Roger!

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