Tuesday, January 18, 2011

10 days with no photos...

I needed a break from photography. Taking a photo every day for a whole year was hard. But now I've had my break, with no photos for something like 10 days. I promise I'll put up some new photos soon. I miss using my camera.

Well, OK, it's not entirely true. I shot some photos of my redesigned office. They're posted here because maybe you want to see some of my photos. Or see my spiffy new office. Max and I spent all weekend working on it!

More photos soon, cross my heart!

Ain't it purdy? And very Ikea!

Almost artsy shot... I mean, the lamp is in focus and the background isn't. That's kinda cool.

Wall 'o books. A dream come true!


  1. lucky duck! i want a wall of books!

    and i guess you have to focus on more work now since you aren't facing the window

  2. still facin' the window! i have 2 desks now :)