Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 361: The world turned upside down

Last week, I realized my passport expires in less than six months, and I needed to have it renewed before going to Ecuador on the 28th, or else they wouldn't let me in the country. I'm lucky enough to live in a city w/ a passport agency, so I went down and filled out the application. Then I left town for Max's dad's birthday, planning to pick the passport up on Monday (today). Well, fate had other plans, I guess... it snowed 12" yesterday, and everything is closed - including the passport office. So I'm leaving the country tomorrow and my passport is in the passport office and not in my hand! Plan B - hope I can get it tomorrow morning before boarding the flight! Plan C - reschedule flight? Ugh! What a mess. Stupid havoc wrecking snow storm!

This is shot out the window, of the icicles that are forming rapidly from the sun shining on the snow that's everywhere. I love the drop, with the miniature world flipped upside down!

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