Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 309: Primary Colors

365/309: Primary Colors, originally uploaded by riekhavoc.
I'm getting really close to the end of my 365 project, and there are so many bucket list photos that remain undone. This is one of them. I've always admired shots like this, and wanted to try and replicate it. I had some time tonight (and a fantastic photographers assistant - thanks Max!), so I thought I'd try. My first few tries were pretty horrendous. I couldn't get the flash placement right. So one side would be horribly over-exposed, and the other would be close to black. Or you could see all the wrinkles in the fabric. Or you'd get glare on the glasses. I realized I needed another light, so we got one of those bendy lights and put a "daylight bulb" in it, to not mix white balances. Then, we tried again. Still no good. There were reflections on the glasses, and it was still too dark on the lamp side. Last try - we turned out all the lights, repositioned the lamp to be as close to the cloth as possible w/o getting in the frame, and just let the lamp and the flash do all the lighting work. Tada!

It's not perfect, but I'm pretty proud of myself for troubleshooting my way to something that doesn't look half bad. Especially considering the backdrop and half the lighting are totally DIY.

Here's how I set it up:

The set up


  1. que bestia! eres una buena fotografo! necesito tomar las classes contigo. mis fotografias no estan buenas. pero quando llegas aqui, puedes tomar fotografias mas interesante.

  2. still don't understand how you did it ... but the shot is really sweet ... also like the use of the primary colors ;)