Wednesday, September 29, 2010


365/272: SHOOOOOOES!, originally uploaded by riekhavoc.

I had these amazing ballet flats in blue, and another pair in gold. They wore out, so I went to replace them. When I got online, they were so on sale that I bought them in six (yes, six) different colors - silver, zebra, yellow, black, gold and purple. All for $72! And they came in the mail today. Oh boy, I'm a lucky, lucky girl. They even threw in an unordered extra pair of super high-heeled shoes in a half-size too small. I don't wear super high-heeled shoes, so I wonder what they were trying to tell me?

PS - oddly enough, I don't consider myself a shoe person. I know, weird, right?


  1. ohhhh sister. what size are the high heels? i will take them!