Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 251: Happy Birthday, Grandma

Today, I was lucky enough to get to travel to Pittsburgh for my grandmother's 83rd (or 84th?) birthday! I flew in around 1, got to set up the computer so she could video chat with my sister in Ecuador, and then go to dinner with her and the rest of my family. It was wonderful.

I'm on the short flight home now, and remembering one of my favorite memories of my grandmother. My family was going to Kennywood Park, near Pittsburgh. I was maybe six, and too young to ride the roller coasters. So, while all the rest of my family (my mom, dad, aunts and uncles and grandfather) went to ride the scary rides, my grandmother stayed with me and my cousins. And we had fun, too! I don't know what we did - probably either went on a kids ride or ate ice cream - but I know that it was a good day.

My grandmother reads this blog to keep tabs on me - so, Happy Birthday Grandma! I love you!

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