Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 224: Appear

365/224: Appear, originally uploaded by riekhavoc.
Max and I spent the day hiking in El Yunque rainforest. It's amazing. First off, we had a crazy adventure trying to find it. The main road was closed (landslide?), so we had to take some back roads. Thankfully, I had bought a Lonely Planet book and they had a decent map of the area. So we drove and drove and drove until we realized we had missed a turn and were kind of lost. But don't worry, there was another way to get there, that wasn't too far out of the way. Little did we know, that way was a trecherous, teeny tiny road that twisted up through the mountains. Barely two cars could fit on it, so if someone drove past you, you had to hold your breath and hope you didn't get hit.

After nearly dying of hyperventilation from the drive, we made it to El Yunque. We decided to hike down to La Mina Falls and go swimming down there. Along the way, I saw a spider off to the side, and decided to take its photo. When I saw the photo, I realized there was a whole web I hadn't even seen before. I've always wanted to take a spider/web photo, and Max convinced me it should be the photo of the day.

The rest of the day we spent avoiding the rain, swimming in a pool at the bottom of a water fall, and eating delicious food! You should check out the photos of one of the most beautiful places ever. Here's the link to my shots (it starts about halfway down the page).

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