Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 216: A note from the Irony Department

Yesterday was the last day of the Maine vacation. I'm sitting at the airport now, and my flight is slightly delayed due to some kind of mechanical something or other. Convenient, b/c now I have time to upload my Maine photos, which you can see here.

This photo was taken in the Rachel Carson Nat'l Wildlife Refuge. Sara and I had gone to walk around the nature trail, but we were literally being attacked by bugs. Dozens of mosquitos descended on us, trying to drain us of blood. We fled to the car to find the bug spray, so we could do the walk. But the bug spray was nowhere to be found! Maybe the mosquitos carried it off? Don't know, but we had to leave the park to go buy bug spray before we could enjoy nature.

Ironic, because Rachel Carson was the woman who wrote Silent Spring about the negative effect of chemicals on nature.

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