Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm famous...

ShutterPhoto.net has my "Bubble Billy" photo profiled right now. Really, really cool!

Here's a bit of what's said:
The thing I like about Bubble Billy is the playfulness of the shot. Each panel of glass distorts the building in a slightly different way. It’s almost like looking at a building in a giant carnival mirror – distorting some portions of the building to look thin and others to look fat. It’s a really interesting way to capture any building, especially one as substantial as City Hall. She carries out the playful theme with the photograph’s title. Titles can have a tremendous impact on the observer’s expectations for a photograph. Such a playful name clearly indicates to the observer that the photographer also has a playful intent, and our appreciation for the shot grows.

Check it out here.


  1. awesome! And it's a long article too! Not just "good job"...you never know what may open doors for you..hmm. I think I want a copy of this photograph- I'll pay for the 1st signed copy of "bubble billy" :)