Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 181: Dying for Homes

365/181: Dying for Homes, originally uploaded by riekhavoc.

ACT UP Philadelphia released a report today, and staged a demonstration/press conference to deliver a failing report card to Mayor Nutter. There are nearly 200 people with AIDS on a 2+ year waiting list for housing in Philadelphia. Likely thousands more cannot navigate the bureaucracy to even get on the waiting list. People are forced into shelters or onto the streets to "prove" they are homeless. And the city of Philadelphia puts no city money into AIDS housing, even though all the evidence shows that it's one of the most medically-effective and cost-effective interventions out there.

The report is called "Dying for Homes: How Mayor Nutter is Wasting City Money and Failing People with AIDS", and it's available for download here.

As you can tell, this means I'm home! For 10 days, then some more traveling...

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  1. for 10 days!!!!!! say hello to robo-cat for me :). and make a delicious flavor of ice cream. are there any you would recommend making? we got dad one for father's day and have some milk to use up. i was thinking cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and maple? what could counterbalance the sweet in that? hmmmm.