Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 164: Municipal Gayness

365/164: Municipal Gayness, originally uploaded by riekhavoc.

My friend Val says that Philadelphia showcases much municipal gayness. Our gay neighborhood is marked on the maps as the "gayborhood". And the street signs in the gayborhood have rainbow flags. It's fun (and funny, too, or at least mildly ironic) for the city to celebrate gayness so readily.

Today was Pride Parade day. I took Max, my Aunt Patty and her/my dog Brady down for an adventure. It was good fun. I had a hard time picking a photo today. I had seven that I liked enough to make them photos of the day, and zillions more good-enough-for-any-day-but-pride photos. Happy Municipal Gayness Day!

More Pride photos here.

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