Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 147: What do you see?

365/147: What do you see?, originally uploaded by riekhavoc.

It's my last day in Vegas, and I went to the Bellagio Hotel for lunch, and to get my photo of the day. It's such a beautiful hotel, with Chihuly glass on the ceiling. It's extravagant and rediculous - but beautiful. They have the installation in the main atrium, that's tons of flowers and giant ants and bees made out of flowers and Chihuly glass flowers. And these fountains/orbs.

Mostly, I chose this photo because the waitress at the restaurant I'm at stopped to tell me it was a good photo when she saw me editing it on my screen. I like how the sunflowers are at the top and bottom, and you can see the individual water drops at the bottom of the orb.

Tonight, I'm on a red eye back to Philly. Then I'm home for about three straight weeks! I can't wait.

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