Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 136: You did it!

365/136: You did it!, originally uploaded by riekhavoc.

Photo of today's graduate, Max's sister Rosie. Congrats on graduating, Rosie! And nice job on picking a school that ended up with a killer graduation speaker, too :)

Next week... my sister's graduation. By then, I'll be a graduation expert.


  1. so how does rosie's graduation stack up? what did you rate it on all aspects? ps: congrats, rosie!

  2. Ashley's - Weather: 4, Expediency: 8, Speaker Quality: 5, Venue: 5, Lack of chaos of event: 7
    Rosie's - Weather: 9.8, Expediency: 5, Speaker Quality: 8, Venue: 7, Lack of chaos of event: 5

    Beautiful weather + Rachel Maddow put Rosie in the lead right now...

  3. what do you mean by lack of chaos? and what about honorary doctorates? and just wait until mine! elon's shall blow them all out of the water :)

  4. oh yea, that was going to be a category! and I forgot one more. so:

    Ashley - Honorary Degrees: 5, Reduced impact of mosquitos: 10
    Rosie - Honorary Degrees: 5, Reduced impact of mosquitos: 2 (too many mosquito bites!)