Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 96: When I get older, I will be stronger, they'll call me freedom, just like a waving flag

Tonight, Max and I went to see K'naan in concert. He was fantastic! I only wish he'd performed for longer.

The concert gave me a chance to try out a totally new type of photography for me. Because the venue doesn't allow SLRs, I could only bring my P&S camera with me. Thankfully, K'naan was the fourth act of the night, so I had three earlier ones to play with settings. Finally, after 2 hours of trying various things, I got it right. The key: I had to change my 'auto focus' settings to 'continuously focus'. And I had to use the manual settings on my P&S, because nothing else would work right. Anyway, once I finally got the settings down, my photos improved dramatically (you can actually tell it's a person on stage in my last eight photos!). Check them out here.

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  1. it's cool but does that count as your picture for tuesday or wednesday?