Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 43: Fire!

365/43: Fire!, originally uploaded by riekhavoc.

I know, another sunset photo. But I ran out of time to get a good one today. I spent half my day waiting on the realtor to get to me and Max's new apartment with the lease. And there just aren't that many exciting photos in that apartment when you don't have the fancy camera with you. So, here it is, the end of the day (before going out to a drag show!), and I need a photo. Since I'll only be living in this apartment for a few more weeks, and there are the most beautiful sunsets out the back stairs windows, I figured I'd shoot it while I can. And today's was particularly stunning.

So this is my neighborhood, from above. I'm moving seven blocks down the street, and thrilled to be staying in the same community.

In an effort at diversity, I opted for this one over the 'traditional' sunset shot, of the trees against the firey orange sky. Can I get some credit for that? :)

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